Share in the 4-star hotel in the center of Porto

The project is represented by a 4-star hotel located in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. Nearby is placed all the necessary infrastructure: public and modern shops, restaurants, cafes, as well as attractions. This area is commercial and tourist.
This building was constructed in the 19th century, previously it was the monastery and it successfully preserved to this day. As part of its renovation, an ultra-modern, high-tech and completely ecological 4-star hotel will be created, the first in Porto “without paper and paper”. Management will be conducted by the international hotel brand. The renovation will preserve the historic colors of the building and the “Porto atmosphere”, while restoring a number of details.
The hotel will consist of 49 comfortable rooms with magnificent views of the picturesque landscapes of the city. The project also includes a large number of ancillary facilities, including a bar and restaurant with a wide selection of food and drinks, a garden, a lounge with a 360-degree panoramic view on the roof.
  • Share value: 350,000 €
  • 4% guaranteed annual income (after the opening of the hotel)
  • Number of rooms: 49
  • Number of investors: 50
  • 7 days free stay per year
  • Option of guaranteed share buyback after 7 years

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